Your Wedding Dream Team

You’re ready to sit into the car and be driven to the location where everyone is waiting to witness you say “I do” to the One. It is going to be a perfect day, exactly as you have always imagined it to be, full of laughter and joy, a day you will remember forever, a day which…argh! What’s going on with your dress? The zipper has split open as you were sitting down! It is a disaster; you’re fumbling around, trying to fix it with a safety pin, when your phone rings. It’s your mum, your maid of honour just fainted and now they don’t know what to do. Should they call a doctor? I mean, she’s fine now but what if it happens again? Maybe you should talk to her and see if she’s ok? You hang up on her after calming her down, manage to fix the zipper and off you go.

As you pull up in front of the church, half the guests are waiting for you outside. You sigh in frustration, you have explicitly asked for everyone to be seated before you arrive. This is not going the way you imagined it to be at all and a tear rolls down your cheek, smearing your mascara. Which should have been waterproof…

These scenes are maybe a bit of an exaggeration, but in the years working with brides, I have encountered situations very similar to the above. Your wedding day should be perfect and exactly as you have always wanted it to be, but most of all it needs to be carefree and, dare I say it, fun. This is why every bride (or groom) needs their “dream team”, a group of people who will make sure your wedding will be unforgettable for all the right reasons.



Many people are not really sure what a wedding planner actually does. Our job is to make sure you get the wedding day of your dreams by liaising with the vendors and contractors, making sure we save you a lot of funds by using our connections to negotiate better deals. Everything from flowers arrangements, décor, schedule, entertainment and all in between is basically our job. On the day of the wedding, we are there to take care of every little glitch that may appear, we calm down over-excited family members, solve last minute problems and confiscate your cell during the most important hours of your day.

In short, we worry so you don’t have to 🙂



It is really important for these two individuals to be on the same page when it comes to your wedding. If they do not know each other well prior to becoming best man and made of honour, make sure they get acquainted well before the event. Their job, apart from throwing you the best stag/hen party in the world, is to infuse your wedding day with smiles, fun and warmth by making you and your beloved feel relaxed. Just beware of their compulsory speeches; they are bound to reveal some little embarrassing detail about your crazy years.



Wedding makeup should bring out your natural beauty and show off you happy glow. Of course, if you prefer to go for a stronger makeup look it is fine as well, but make sure you don’t end up with someone else’s face. The makeup artist is there to create a look, designed to make you feel beautiful and complement the overall style of your wedding theme. They always offer a trial session before the actual wedding day, so you can see exactly what the makeup will look like.

Weddings are emotional, you will laugh, dance and shed some tears of joy and a good makeup artist uses products, which will not melt away after the first two hours of your special day.



You look into the mirror and your hair looks like something out of a period drama movie. It’s fine if that is the look you were going for, but if your intention were “soft, flowing curls”, you are probably not overjoyed by the result.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking every regular hairdresser will do just fine. There is a huge difference between a regular shampoo’n’cut and a professional wedding hairstylist. Research the market or get your wedding planner to do it for you and you are guaranteed to get the best result.



Your wedding day should be remembered and cherished forever. There is nothing worse than trying to look through you wedding album and seeing a bunch of photographs with washed-out colours and noticing there are no good shots of the ring exchange.

A professional photographer is like an invisible best friend. Discreet in order not to disturb the fun, fast so that your guests don’t get bored during the time you take to do your photoshoot and always attentive to catch the most memorable, intimate and special moments of the day.



Your closest relatives have been there from the start. They know you inside out, they have walked with you every step of your path and want to be included and feel appreciated also when it comes to your wedding. Don’t cut them out, find a little assignment for each of them and you will end up with a much happier mum or sister. Do remember though, that it is your wedding and the only person whose opinion matters is your own.