Wedding Entertainment

You have exchanged your vows amongst tears of joy and merry cheers and you’ve had rose petals and rice thrown at you by your guests. Now what?

The wedding reception.

Whether it is day-time or evening, the reception should be a continuation of celebration of your love and it turning into a bore needs to be avoided at all costs. Too many a times have I sat through hours and hours of good food in a nicely decorated venue without much else happening. And while it is true that your wedding day is completely about you, a thought needs to be put into entertaining your guests too.

The style of entertainment is completely up to you and there are numerous routes you can take. The best advice to take is to choose something you like to do and which represents you in the best possible way. Be creative and any kind of activity can be incorporated into your wedding reception successfully. Here are four entertaining ideas you can draw inspiration from, ranging from quite traditional to downright strange, but they all worked perfectly for some of our previous clients:


If you enjoy dancing, there are many ways to incorporate this universally loved activity into your big day. Dancers can take guests onto a magical journey into a completely new world with spectacular shows choreographed to suit your wedding’s theme perfectly and bring life and sparkle to every reception. Incorporate your own performance or add a dancefloor for your guests and fun and entertainment are guaranteed.

Contact us for inquiries on how our dance entertainment services can help enrich your wedding experience or click here to view our LTDANCE menu for photos and descriptions.

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Who says a wedding reception needs to be a sit-down meal with traditional setting of banquet tables and candle light?

If you and your partner enjoy sports, why not turn your reception into a fun but still classy picnic style meal outdoors with matches of tennis, soccer, kite-flying or group games for your guests to enjoy with you. Add bouncy castles, trampolines and a children’s only area and you are good to go. Decorated to suit the occasion but completely out-of-the-ordinary, a sports themed reception was a huge hit with invitees. Make sure food and drink selection suits the style of the event and include some well selected music for extra engaging atmosphere. Do consider changing into a more comfortably styled clothes after the ceremony but do stick to designs which make it clear who the newly-weds are.

A well-rehearsed host is preferred to guide the guests from one activity to the next seamlessly and effortlessly.


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When chatting to people who travel a lot, frequently the highlight of their journey turns out to be tasting of delicious local specialities and experiencing the flavours of far-away lands.

Set up a food-hall type of location, where different stalls offer world cuisine complete with traditional costumes and short show numbers of song and dance, typical for the countries you choose to include.


A DIY desert corner with cake toppings, cupcake flavouring, pancake-rolling station or chocolate fountains with fruit skewers are always a popular touch.

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Live performances are usually the most appreciated, as nothing can beat witnessing real talent and charisma in person. But be warned; whether it is music, theatrical performances, dancing or stand-up comedy you are after, make sure performers you decide to hire really know what they are doing. There is nothing worse than having to sit through a failed attempt at a comedic act that would sooner make you cry than laugh. Bands with restricted repertoires need to be avoided at all cost, as by the time guests hear their cover of Love Is In The Air for the seventh time, boredom is sure to set in.

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Discuss at large the abilities, experience and offers artists can offer you, or leave it to your wedding planner to arrange the best there is especially for you. Contact us for enquiries on how we can help you turn your wedding into a truly spectacular and entertaining experience for both you and your guests.