Summer bride’s make up essentials

We have all attended summer weddings, birthday parties, baby showers and other sun-filled festivities. Trying to look our best is naturally everyone’s goal at occasions like this and here’s where warm weather sometimes creates some mascara-melting, foundation-slipping situations.

If you’re The Bride, looking into the mirror and fainting at the sight of your perfect eye makeup now proudly sitting half way down your cheeks, is really not what you want from your wedding look.

Here is a selection of our favourite melt-proof makeup products to help you stay fresh-faced and confident all day long.


‘Not to prime is a crime’ is a well-known mantra of Napoleon Perdis, celebrity makeup artist and beauty brand founder. Primers, apart from prepping your skin and contrasting problems like redness or enlarged pores, act as glue between your skin and the makeup you put on top of it. We love BEAUTY PRIMER FOR FACE & EYES by MIRABELLA, 26 eur.



A good foundation should not only create a perfect canvas for other cream and powder products, it should also stay put and looking intact throughout the day. Go for long-lasting formulas, two of our favourites are STAY MATTE OIL-FREE FOUNDATION by CLINIQUE, 28 eur , and IMMACULATE LIQUID POWDER FOUNDATION by HOURGLASS, 50 eur.


Whether it’s covering dark under-eye circles or concealing those pesky spots, which conveniently decide to appear on important days like weddings. You want your concealer to have good coverage and look flawless, without creasing or caking up. Try SHAPE TAPE by TARTE, 23 eur.



Setting your foundation and concealer is a must if you want your makeup to last and this is especially true if the weather outside is hot or humid. Do make sure to choose a powder which doesn’t give you a flash-back if you will be photographed with flash (a flashback is a white cast which your face turns into on photographs taken with active flash). Try TRANSLUCENT LOOSE SETTING POWDER by LAURA MERCIER, 34 eur, or NO COLOR POWDER by RCMA, 11 eur.




Vibrant eyeshadow looks are usually not what springs in mind when thinking about bridal makeup (if that is your preference, you do you!), but you do want your eyes looking wide and lovely until you decide to take off your makeup. We prefer palettes for an all-in-one-place convenience. Try STAR PALETTE by NATASHA DENONA, 150 eur, or turn to 35W PALETTE by MORPHE, 18 eur, for a more affordable option.


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If feline flicks or bold winged looks are your thing, eyeliner is one of the most delicate aspects of your makeup look as many products tend to fade or smudge, especially in warmer weather. For a fuss-free application and longevity try STAY ALL DAY WATERPROOF LIQUID LINER by STILA, 22 eur.



Flaking, running or smudging is not what you want from a mascara on your wedding day. Try DEFINICILS WATERPROOF MASCARA by LANCOME, 25 eur, and laugh, cry and dance the night away.



Sun-kissed skin is a favourite when it comes to bridal makeup looks and bronzers are essential for giving your skin a warm glow. For a long-lasting, heat proof glow try HOOLA MATTE BRONZER by BENEFIT, 26 eur.



  1. BLUSH

While blush should be used sparingly (clown face anyone?), a light dusting of colour adds a healthy, youthful look to your skin. For a formula which doesn’t disappear off your face try AMAZONIAN CLAY 12-HOUR BLUSH by TARTE, 26 eur.




Different glows for different brides. Whether it is a blinding, can-be-seen-from-space highlight, or a subtle glow you are going for, try and avoid glittery formulas and shades which are too dark or light for your skin tone. We love CHAMPAGNE POP by BECCA, 36 eur.



With so many formulas and finishes to choose from and hundreds of shades on offer, choosing the lip look is sometimes hard. Keep in mind that you will be eating, drinking and, of course, kissing, so whatever product you go for should be low-maintenance and fuss-free. Stir away from lip glosses, as they can feel gloopy, and stick to liquid lipsticks if you’re going for bolder colours. We love Pop Liquid Matte Lip Colour + Primer by CLINIQUE, 16 eur.



To really lock in your makeup, spray your face with a setting spray when you are done. Try ALL NIGHTER SETTING SPRAY by URBAN DECAY, 28 eur.


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