Popular Wedding Themes

When planning your wedding, deciding on an overall look and style is crucial before choosing key elements such as location, decor and entertainment type. As wedding planners, we meet numerous confused clients who get lost in the world of possibilities and only after listening to their descriptions of what they would like their wedding day to be, we manage to turn their “elegant rustic fairy-tale vintage with a modern twist wedding” into a day of wonderful celebration where every little detail works to bring their dream to life.

To help you plan your wedding, we prepared descriptions of the most popular wedding themes of recent years. What’s your favourite?


Most commonly referring to the Victorian times with lace, romantic flowers, pearls and crystals, a Vintage wedding theme often uses muted colour pallets with soft ivory, grey, dusty pink and gold shades. Antique keys, picture frames, mirrors, fine china, chandeliers and candelabra are frequently used as decoration and roses are usually the flowers of choice.

As a Vintage wedding can mean all sorts of different styles besides the upper one, we will be posting a separate blog post soon -stay tuned! 😉


Photo source: Strictly Weddings; Photo credit: Anna Delores Photography


A rustic wedding is inspired by simplicity and nature. It usually involves lodge- or farm inspired elements (from wood and metal), unstructured bouquets, neutral hues, wine barrels etc. It can be held in a barn, lodge, shed or outdoors (e.g. rustic picnic).

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Conveying a carefree vibe, romantic Bohemian style wedding usually involves a “back to the nature” look with an artistic flair and is held outside or in a place including a lot of greenery. With no strict rules, it is relaxed, fun, beautiful and simple yet elegant, featuring floral headbands and mismatching styles.

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When hearing of a seaside wedding, first things that come to mind are summery cocktails, warm breeze, tropical, seashell, starfish and sand decorations, bright colours and a relaxed atmosphere. The blue sea provides a perfect backdrop for a seaside wedding ceremony. It is held either on the beach, at a seaside venue with a terrace or a seafront garden etc.



A luxury wedding is an extravagant occasion involving lush floral arrangements, over-the-top centrepieces, usually a black-tie attire and a sit-down dinner. It includes all elements of a classic or traditional wedding, focusing on the wonderful experience rather than the budget behind it. It is usually held at an exquisite venue topped with best service, food selection, decor, entertainment and lighting.

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