Go green

Going green is big. We’re all becoming more and more aware of the impact we have on our
environment, what our carbon footprint says about us and how much single-use plastic we go
through every day.

So why not do it also on your wedding day? I mean why not try a lettuce-only menu, wear a drab
recycled dress and use carrots as décor. You will have a marvellous time, save a load of cash and do
your bid in saving the world.

Just kidding…eco weddings are nothing like that. In fact, with the fashion, food, graphic design and
consequently wedding industry becoming more nature-friendly, the options for having the wedding
day of your dreams and still be conscious about its cost to the environment are endless. And as you
will see, there are some cool things you can do when going green which will not only help your
wedding be environment-friendly but will make your big day even more memorable. And besides,
who doesn’t want to feel like a cool eco warrior every now and then ��
Granted, there are much bigger issues in the world in terms of pollution, nature preservation and
countering global warming than whether or not your wedding is green, but I think that every little bit
counts. So, have a look at the three points below which may help you get started on your journey of
planning an eco-friendly wedding day:

04-Poroka Brdo_kočija

Many of our couples have a preferred type of venue they dream of or at least a location where they
would like to exchange their wedding vows. While there are many beautiful venues out there, not all
of them have jumped on the green bandwagon and there are stark differences in terms of how they
handle the wedding organisation.
Do the research on the venues you’re viewing, like for example where the produce they’re using
comes from. Luckily, going green being in fashion and all, venue providers are very helpfully
displaying everything they’re doing in terms of helping to preserve the environment right on their
websites, for example where the produce they’re using comes from. Are they sourcing it locally or
flying it from half way around the world? Working with bio farms or regular establishments? What’s
their single-use plastic policy and do they recycle their waste and use leftover food for composts?
You’d be surprised at the differences between eco-savvy venues and those which are still stuck in
the middle ages as far as being nature-friendly is concerned. We all know that when it comes to
weddings the prettier venue wins, but with the numerous pretty venues on offer why not choose the
one which may just help our planet feel prettier for a bit longer?

12-Grad Strmol pogostitev

All the above is fine and well but whatever effort your chosen venue is making to be green, it’s not
going to happen unless you really decide to roll with it yourself. Here’s a simple example. You decide
to have a winter wedding in the Swiss Alps (beautiful, have done it before and it’s a great alternative
to the spring wedding we’ve all seen and organised a hundred times before #shamelessplug), go for
a romantic winter wonderland theme and decide to go green, so you choose the perfect recycle-
savvy-locally-sourced-solar-power-operating venue.

And then you just MUST have your dream menu complete with tiger prawns and a fresh mango
cake. See where the problem is? Have the chef prepare multiple menu ideas of seasonal local
specialities for you to choose from and go for dishes which will be equally tasty as that ripe mango
you were craving. Besides, mangoes taste better in Thailand, so save it for your honeymoon. Also,
why not use potted flowers and plants as your décor instead of wasting fresh flowers which will just
end up withered and dead by the end of the day. Check our third tip to see what you can do with the
potted flowers and plants after the wedding.
And how about your choice of a dress? With fashion being the second biggest pollutant in the world,
is it really necessary to buy a new dress? You’re probably screaming at me through the screen but
hear me out. I understand you want to feel like a princess on your wedding day and I’m by no means
suggesting you wear just any old dress and channel Cinderella pre-fairy-godmother. If you take time
to do some research you will find there are more and more showrooms that offer splendid, pre-
loved wedding dresses for you to choose from and there are equally numerous perfect dresses
available for hire. Afterall, unless you go for a style of dress you can dye and keep using as an
occasion attire, you will only wear it for one day in your life. So going for a pre-loved dress you can
resell or, even better, renting your dream gown you can just give back once you’re done will not only
save you money and closet space, but may help save hundreds of litres of water and help improve
our air quality in the long run.

How about doing something which may have a small but lasting effect on our environment? For
example, why not give plant seeds or potted flowers to your guests as wedding favours? Add a
personalised, hand-written thank you note and voila- whenever they look at the flowers growing on
their window sill or smell their delicate aroma, they’ll be reminded of the fantastic time they’ve had
on your wedding and the special bond of your friendship. All the while doing their bid in helping to
preserve the bee population of the world.
Or, alternatively, why not have each guest plant a tree as part of your wedding day activities? Some
venues situated near forests or in their own private estates are happy to let their couples help keep
their premises filled with beautiful trees and bushes and will help you make tree planting a very
gardening-chic affair complete with pretty, wedding-appropriate tools and lots of opportunities for
laughter and fun with you family and friends.