For grooms: Tie Vs Bow Tie – Part I

Every choice counts when it comes to the our wedding day and us men often find ourselves at a loss when choosing whether to go for a more traditional, elegant Tie or choose a Bow Tie as a more edgy, fun and modern twist on our wedding look. In part I, we look at the Bow Tie and the how and why of wearing it.



This little piece of cloth has been a trusty companion of men for centuries, having its origins in Croatia in the 17th century (so yes, the ‘new looks’ for grooms using bow ties aren’t that new after all:)). You can choose between pre-tied, the clip on, and the self-tie bow ties, although there are some guidelines to when each of these types should be worn.

If you are going for a formal, elegant look, then a self-tie bow tie is a must. Tying it for the first time is quite complicated, so check out or handy ‘how to’ below, but we guarantee that the end result will justify the hassle.


The pre-tied bow ties are a more practical and easy solution. Not the best choice if timeless elegance and formality is what you are going for, but can work well if you go for higher end options, which are usually made more precisely than their high street counterparts. There is nothing worse than visible adjustable straps peaking from your shirt collar.

The clip on bow ties omit the band completely so the only thing you need to do is clip it securely to your collar, it really is as easy as that. This type of bow tie is considered acceptable when the over-all style of the wedding is more informal and pairs best with more particular looks (vintage chic or hipster looks for example) . Here there is also a wide variety of choices of materials, ranging from traditional silks to wooden and plastic pieces, so there really is something for every taste.


Whatever your choice, make sure you wear the right size bow tie. If you should draw vertical lines from your temples, you would get the perfect width of your bow. Go wider and you are at risk of looking like a clown, go too narrow and it will look like you stole it from a child.

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