Finding Your Perfect Wedding Dress

Guest blog post by Tina Belina from the Poročni salon White Couture bridal salon in Ljubljana.

“Which wedding dress is right for me, how to choose the right wedding dress, what kind of wedding dresses suit my body type…”

These are the first thoughts of almost every bride, thinking of their wedding dress. For most brides, the wedding dress is the most important choice they make for their wedding day. In the planning process, they dedicate most of their time to choosing the dress, just to find the one.


If you don’t really have a basic idea about what you are looking for, this means stress for the bride. In order to avoid this stress, I am pleased to give you some advice on how to stay calm and start choosing “YOUR WEDDING DRESS”.

It happens quite often that a bride realizes that the wedding dress they’ve always dreamt of since they were little, is actually not the dress they wish to wear anymore. As the years go by and that little girl grows up and becomes more mature, also the idea of a perfect wedding dress changes.  But the magical idea is still here and maybe even stronger than it was.

So let’s start from the beginning… First, it is a good idea to describe yourselves as a person.


Describe yourself – what kind of a person are you? Are you emotional, gentle, playful, romantic, self-confident, do you like to stand out, do you like classics, do you like to be the centre of attention or not, are you bold, funny, do you want to feel like a Cinderella, are you lively or more calm etc.? Write that down and it will be easier to find your perfect dress based on these traits. It makes it easier also for me as a wedding dress consultant to understand what kind of a person are you. Here’s some examples from our bridal salon:

A bride that wishes to stand out: Nicole 1, Nicole 3, Joab 95
1.Nicole 1, Nicole 3, Joab 95

A gentle bride: Jolies 2, Tulip

2.Jolies 2, Tulip

A romantic bride: Nicole 5, Jennifer, JFY 30

3.Nicole 5, Jennifer, JFY 30

Cinderella: Romance 1, MK 27

4.Romance 1, MK 27

A lively bride: Joab 77, Jadelin

5.Joab 77, Jadelin

A calm bride: Diana, Joana

6.Diana, Joana

A classic bride: Dalila, DS 34,

7.Dalila, DS 34

A bride who wants to shine: Selena, Nicole 4

8.Selena, Nicole 4


Check out the wedding dresses found in Slovenia and foreign websites and try to find models that you like. If you wish to hire or buy a wedding dress in Slovenia, I suggest you focus on the Slovenian market as it is a huge advantage to be able to try on a dress before you decide.  Look at the models and try to choose and write down or take a photo of the ones you like without stressing about it too much, as this will help you start the process of choosing your dress. As a consultant, I will be able to recognise your inspiration in the models you like and this will make advising you on the dresses easier.


Which venue did you choose to get married? Is it the sea-side, mountains, meadow, someplace warm, a large property or a small nook where you’ve always wanted to tie the knot?  Is the wedding taking place in a castle, in the vineyard or perhaps a barn? Or at a registration office?

When trying on a dress, I will ask you about your chosen venue and we’ll be a step closer to choosing your perfect wedding dress.

Here’s a couple of my wedding dress recommendations available in our bridal salon to match your venue:

A large property: Jolies 1, Danit, Nicole 5, Nicole 1

9.Jolies 1, Danit, Nicole 5, Nicole 1


A meadow: Jadelin, Nicole 2, Joab 77, JFY 19

10.Jadelin, Nicole 2, Joab 77, JFY 19


The sea-side: Nicole 2, Naomi, Jensen, DS 17

11.Nicole 2, Naomi, Jensen, DS 17

The vineyards: Begonia, Joana, Saturn, JFY 30

12.Begonia, Joana, Saturn, JFY 30

A barn: Tapazia, JFY 13, JFY 14, JFY 15

13.Tapazia, JFY 13, JFY 14, JFY 15

A castle: Romance 1, Savila, Sevilla, Jolies 2

14.Romance 1, Savila, Sevilla, Jolies 2

A registration office: Ibbes, JFY 19, Tapazia

15.Ibbes, JFY 19, Tapazia

Warm southern places: Nicole 2, Becky, Selena

16.Nicole 2, Becky, Selena



Brides often ask me how to choose their wedding dress to match their body type. I have to tell you that there is no golden rules in this regard. The right dress is one that makes a bride feel beautiful and confident. However, there are some guidelines that I would like to present to you below.

A-line and wide A-line wedding dresses: This is a line that is ideal for all brides. It doesn’t emphasize any of the body parts in particular, however it softly brings out the neckline and the waist, flowing softly to the ground in a flattering A-line.

Hyacint, SOL, Justine

17.Hyacint, SOL, Justine


Princess line wedding dresses: This line accentuates the waist and the neckline.  Ideal for brides who want to put the emphasis on the upper body accentuating the waistline. Large underskirts give this model a truly fairytale look.

Triana, Siany

18.Triana, Siany

Sheath wedding dresses: This line emphasizes the figure and basically shows the whole body minus the legs, if the dress is long. It hugs the body and accentuates the neckline, the waistline and the hips.

Nicole1, Jensen

19.Nicole1, Jensen

Empire line and free flowing wedding dresses: This line of wedding dresses flows freely. It emphasizes the upper body, especially the neckline, whereas the skirt flows freely and feels very comfortable.

Nicole 1, Selena

20.Nicole 1, Selena


Tea-length and Mini wedding dresses: Best worn by brides who wish to expose their legs. The upper part can be romantic and softly covered or it can be emphasized with a heart-shaped neckline. Tea-length and mini dresses make a bride feel comfortable and relaxed.

Tapazia, Joab 82

21.Tapazia, Joab 82



When choosing your wedding dress, my advice is not to be too critical of yourself and your body. It is definitely not necessary to look like a supermodel as we all know that their photos are photoshopped to look extraordinary.

Each and every bride is unique. And your relatives and friends know you just the way you are. And future husband knows you even better. So there is absolutely nothing to worry about as you will wear the dress and not the other way around. And all the flaws that you might consider a defect can be hidden in an elegant manner.

Written by: Tina Belina from the Poročni Salon White Couture Bridal Salon