5 Do’s of a Successful Wedding


Too often newlyweds get too preoccupied with worries about what their friends and family will think of the big day. Will everyone like the venue? Will mum like the flowers? Will the guests approve of the seating plan?

While all of the above is important, the bottom line is it is your day. Your wedding should be just as you two want it, perfect for the two people who on this day are exchanging wows to love and cherish each other for the rest of their lives.

People thought the cake was too sweet and music too cheesy? Your aunt didn’t like the wedding decorations? Who cares! If the day turns out perfect for you than the wedding was a success.



There are a lot of things to think about when organising a wedding and if not planned carefully, wedding days can quickly turn into the most stressful rather than the most beautiful day of your life.

Whether you are going the do-it-yourself route or if you hire a professional wedding planner, timely planning and execution of all necessary steps is crucial for a nervous breakdown-free wedding day.

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The best weddings are those which truly involve the guests and make them a part of your love story. Let your personalities shine through all the usual wedding stuff like venue, decoration, choice of entertainment and food. Do you like fairy tales? Castle wedding is the way to go. Are you crafty? Hand-made little thank-you notes for every guest. If you’re into fashion or sports than draw the inspiration for wedding decoration or cake design from there.

Options are endless, from including your favourite colour to performing a juggling act if that is what you enjoy doing. Whatever you choose, make sure it reflects you!

Incorporation the favourite colour of the bride:

wedding-806315_1920 DSC_0714

Original wedding cake designs:

wedding-cake-606301_1920 sweet-dessert-1261776_1920 new-trend-fashion-wedding-cake-awesome-delicious

Interesting entertainment programme:




A comfortable bride is a beautiful bride (or groom). No matter how lovely your sleeveless dress looks, if it is going to slide of your chest all day long, chances are you will not enjoy yourself very much. And if the heels which look so glamourous will hurt your feet by midday, how will you dance the night away?

Wedding dress, accessories, hair and makeup are there to make you look and feel your best. Choose your look carefully and make sure you try to walk, sit and dance around in your dress before deciding on the purchase. Elegance and beauty are paramount but trust us on this one, comfort really makes your day.

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To be truly comfortable in your skin, the look you choose should suit your personality and style sense. Do not wear something which will feel too foreign and unnatural for you, as it can make you feel awkward and uncomfortable. Here are some examples of celebrity brides, who chose their looks to perfectly suit their style and personality.

Solange Knowles:


Sofia Vergara:


Kate Middleton:



Whatever the format of your wedding, it is of upmost importance to take your time to organise and plan it. The whole process should be fun and special, but that is only possible if you allow sufficient time for every step of the way. Do not rush the choosing of the wedding dress or venue, take time to really choose the music and entertainment you like and make the planning and decision making a special experience to share with your bellowed. This way after all is said and done, you will look back to the months prior to your wedding with joy and happiness.