3 Things To Make Your Wedding Guests More Comfortable

Small touches to increase wedding guests’ comfort

Weddings should be fun for everyone involved and if people are comfortable, they tend to be more inclined to create a fantastic atmosphere to escort you down the aisle and celebrate your special day.

Happy guests equals a wonderful wedding day, while tired, confused or uncomfortable participants mean some unhappy and stressful moments for the bride and groom. And while it should be about you and your big day, here are 3 things you can do to make all the participants feel involved and relaxed throughout the celebrations:



There is nothing worse than seating in a freezing ballroom or under a boiling summer sun all day long. If you are getting married during colder months of the year or at a location where low temperatures might be problematic (like a tent or a cellar-type hall), make sure some sort of heating is provided. Getting wed during the summer? Sticking guests into a boiling in-door venue is a no no, as is having an out-door reception during afternoon hours without thinking about providing shelter from the sun. Trust me, nothing spells an early-evening end of celebration then guests who are freezing or exhausted from the heat.

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When planning a more elaborate wedding, like a destination wedding or a celebration which lasts more days, guests will appreciate information on when/where activities are taking place. A loose description of what is planned and when should be sent before the wedding as guests (us women especially ;)) like to know what sort of attire they will need, with a more detailed plan provided upon arrival to the location. I once attended a traumatic destination wedding at a beautiful seaside resort. It would have been absolute perfection if it wasn’t for the fact I was always late for everything and getting lost on the way.

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 3.       CHILD’S PLAY

Unless you decide to send out an ‘adults only’ invitation, little ones need to be taken into the equation of making your wedding day a success. While children are easily distracted during the first moments of the wedding by the décor and all the people attending, the effect wears of quite fast and frequently this means tantrums, stressed parents and equally stressed children, bored to death and in desperate need of attention.

Planning and investing into a children’s corner equipped with toys, crayons and a competent babysitter is a must if you are aware of a considerate number of children present at your wedding reception. Your wedding planner should easily arrange it for you as they usually have a vast address book of vendors offering this type of services and believe me when I say, the satisfaction of having the children and the parents equally enjoying themselves and consequently making you relaxed and able to share your special day with them all is well worth the little extra cost.

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 By Tjaša Vulič, wedding planner

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